Michelle Dees has a successful practice as a counsellor/therapist branded as Inspire. When we sat down to discuss her logo, she showed me a nice business card with a design that she chose from a printer’s website. She was ready for a custom logo design she could use on letterhead, social media, or other places where she might need to express her brand.

She was almost out of business cards, so her timing was perfect. We talked about her vision for Inspire, deciding on a general look and feel. The logo would be a decorative flourish of calligraphy with the name set in the center. After trying several options, I finally hit upon a nice design with this florally-inspired symbol built from twelve simple swirls arranged likes spokes in a wheel.

Next, I selected a palette of colors including the teal color Michelle had described in our first meeting, to which I added a pale cream color for the background and a dark rust for the typography. The logo would be teal and rust, and the cream accent would be added to the items in the letterhead kit. The font we chose is Alegreya, a distinctively elegant serif typeface by Juan Pablo del Peral.

The layout and typography for the letterhead kit preserves the symmetry of the logo, while striving for an elegant and spacious feel. The client’s business card doubles as an appointment card, with the design elements carrying over to the reverse of the card. The back-and-forth process of design iterations and approvals were easily accomplished by email so the client could continue to see clients without disruption. The entire process from initial meeting to complete design took only two weeks, and now we’re both excited to see the printed product!