the new mastercard logo by Pentagram.
the new mastercard logo by Pentagram.

So why would a corporation with as recognizable a brand as Mastercard hire a consultant to change it? According to Liz Stison over at Wired, “the logo still has the overlapping red and yellow circles and sans-serif font, but all the elements are slimmer, flatter, less fussy.”

“Less is more.” —Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

If you haven’t noticed, clean, simple forms are is coming back in a big way in graphic design, and this popular phrase from the 60s still has the ring of truth.

The article about the new simplified logo, including a breakdown of all the changes since 1968. I love the clarity of the logo and the horizontal orientation (I mentioned the importance of short, wide logos in a recent post) Designed  by clean design guru Michael Beirut with a clean design that really pops on dark or light backgrounds, and fits recent trends toward simple and clear logos.

Beirut worked under modernist designer Massimo Vignelli who taught him to appreciate the simple clarity of geometric forms and sans serif typography. In the 1960s and 70s the work appeared fresh and new. Today neo-Modernist design has a retro quality that helps brands feel stable and classic—perfect qualities for financial institutions.